Work Samples

The vast majority of the apps I've worked on over the years are no longer available on the app store. In some cases, the app was for a specific event (Federal elections) and other times because the startup has since moved on or folded. I've included some here that are either favorites OR have proven to have some durability in the marketplace.

Foko: iOS Team Lead
  • Instagram for Business” / Enterprise visual merchandising
  • Company Website:
  • App:
  • Main role: Lead developer for all portions of the app, also mentored junior developers, performed code reviews
  • Mixed Objective-C / Swift Universal application with multi-framework architecture and share extension
  • Core-data based with syncing to a REST server and extensive offline operation
  • Frameworks: CoreData, Photos, AVFoundation, VideoToolkit, CoreAnimation, QuartzCore, Geolocation
  • Testing: XCTest with extensive fixtures and network service mocking
  • 3rd Party Tools: swiftlint, swiftgen

Edupath: Engineering Lead

  • App relied on a REST service which was shutdown forcing the app to be removed from the store
  • Main role: iOS Developer for iPhone/iPad
  • Extensive interactive 3d zooming, rotation, and translation gesture model

  • Rails 2.0 app for micro donations
  • Main role: designed DB, wrote the entire app and admin side for payment management
  • Uses Paypal recurring payments with webhooks to manage all transactions
  • Tracks micro-payments against various organizations, financial reports

  • Rails 2.0 app for sentencing research
  • Main role: designed DB, wrote the entire app and admin side for content management