Day 4: St Jerome to Montreal (75km)

We got away from our AirBnB around 7:45 after a very light breakfast to hold us over until we found a real brunch. Things started badly with the garmin crashing and then leading us in crazy circles in St Jerome. I should have practiced more using my garmin, especially following google map GPX traces. In desperation, we decided to just take highway 117 towards Blainville get started. In retrospect, we should have just returned to where the Petit Train ended and continued on the route verte. On the upside, there was a huge and good shoulder and virtually no traffic early on a Sunday morning.

We stopped in Blainville for a huge and delicious breakfast which basically fuelled us for the rest of the day. We also collected our wits and found our way back to the Route Verte / TCC after breakfast though our joy was short-lived as the trail ended pretty quickly and dumped us back on the 177 so we could cross a bridge over to Laval. Immediately after crossing into Laval, we go onto Boulevard Saint-Rose which passes through a very nice little downtown and plenty of great coffee shops. The road was pretty poor quality, but traffic is not moving very quickly.

After a bit, we again found the Route Verte / TCC which has great signage for the remainder of the voyage into downtown Montreal. We got off the trail at Waverley and took it right downtown to a sunday morning market where we had a great coffee stop around 12:00. Plenty of time to kill until my train. We went to a pool and passed a nice afternoon sun-bathing, reading, and cooling off periodically. The sun was blasting and it was a great way to end the voyage. We had a late/light lunch and then bombed over to the VIA station to drop off my bike and take the 4:50 PM train to Ottawa. For trains supporting the bike option, this works awesome. It was a $25 charge and I only had to take my panniers off and they rolled the bike away. About 10 minutes after arriving in Ottawa, the bike met me at the front doors of the train station ready to ride home.