Reid van Melle

Location: Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a hard working and pragmatic entrepreneur and software developer with experience ranging from full stack web development to consumer mobile apps. I love working in a respectful and balanced environment with highly competent people. I’ve practiced agile development for most of my career ranging from small teams to multi-disciplinary multi-team arrangements. I’m attracted to new challenges, hard problems, and innovative technical solutions. Having worked both in large software companies and small scrappy startups, I can bring a wide variety of experiences to bear upon technical and business problems.


Brierwood Co-operative Senior iOS Developer / Owner, 2009-Present

Founded and grew a mobile consultancy focused on building complex native apps for iPhone and Android as well as REST API service platforms. During my years at Brierwood, I took on sales, marketing, human resources, operations, accounting, and finance roles. I also served our clients by building or helping to build dozens of native apps for industries ranging from enterprise, transportation, image processing, education, and social networking. At various times, I have taken on roles as a full-stack backend developer, senior iOS developer, mobile team lead, and engineering team lead in order to best serve our clients. Many of these roles were performed as a partially or fully remote team member.

Foko, Gatineau QC iOS Team Lead, Foko, Gatineau QC – 2014-Present

Led a small iOS team to help design and build an “Instagram for Business” product targeted at the visual merchandising industry. Worked closely with the backend team to design a REST API and with the product team to implement successful user experiences on the iOS platform. More recently, I led the iOS application through an Objective-C to Swift3 transition.

Edupath, Berkeley CA Engineering Lead 2010-2013

Helped a newly funded startup build a highly successful backend data platform and iOS app for the SAT test prep industry. The backend was a python/django based content management platform and REST interface running on AWS. The iOS app was a native and highly custom Objective-C app featured by Apple on several occasions. Also helped design a hybrid native/HTML android app for the platform.

MARS EDA Systems Founder/Product Manager, 2007-2008

Developed cloud computing infrastructure and solutions for data processing and computation in OCaml and targeted at the EDA industry.

Synopsys R&D Manager, Ottawa – 2002-2006

Managed a small team responsible for the development of a large-scale circuit optimization tool known as "Circuit Explorer". The team used the "scrum" agile software development methodology and deployed enterprise Python and C++ applications to semiconductor companies including Intel, Qualcomm, and Motorola.

Analog Design Automation Software Team Lead, Ottawa, 1992-2002

Development of EDA tools for transistor-level circuit synthesis and optimization. Worked in TCL, iTCL, C++, and Python.

TRLabs Researcher, Saskatoon 1998-1999

ATM & TCP/IP traffic and performance analysis; echo cancelation techniques for telephony.


Carleton University – 2005-2007 - Graduate level courses in VLSI, digital electronics, simulation, and RF electronics.

University of Saskatchewan - 1998-1999 - Completed all course requirements for an M. Sc in Electrical Engineering with a focus in digital communications and digital electronics.

University of Saskatchewan - B. Eng. Electrical Engineering, 1993-1998

University of Saskatchewan - Computer Science Specialization, 1993-1998

Skills / Interests
I’m a polyglot: Swift, Objective-C, Python, Ruby, Objective-C, Java, C/C++, OCaml. Have worked relatively extensively with OpenCV doing image progressing. I prefer strongly typed languages with strong functional capabilities. Have used ALL of the project management and tracking software that a reasonable person could try. Love playing with my Amazon Echo. I can bike a long ways without stopping. Also swimming is a strength.
Available on request